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Scanamatics realized a sizable cost saving against the initial outlay. For example, previously, it could cost up to $4,600 to arrange a total road closure needed to complete a full-bridge survey and, over 140 bridges, that soon adds up. Using Lidar allows Scanamatics to quickly capture all essential data accurately, and without the need for costly and disruptive road closures and traffic management. It also makes it safer for surveyors who can now do their job from the hard shoulder or behind the safety barrier, removing the need to stand in the middle of the road.

The depth of detail captured by the Lidar Scanner
surpasses anything Traditional  Survey methods were

able to capture previously. The scans are passed to designers,

allowing them to immediately see where
remedial work is needed, rather than having to
interpret different plans, drawings and notes.

As-Built Documentation
3D Laser Scanning Services


The existing conditions of a facility can be accurately and completely documented prior to the start of any design

or construction project. Scanamatics 3D Laser Scanning services can provide the link between the unknown existing conditions and complete documentation.

As-Built Verification, AS-Built Documentation, and Existing Conditions surveys have never been easier or more accurate with 3D laser scanning technology. Scanamatics experienced scan technicians collect millions of precise data points for a building or site with industry-leading survey-grade Leica laser scanners. Our team of in-house engineers, architects, and CAD Designers work with each client to create custom deliverables that aid in the design, planning and execution phases of any project. Scanamatics and has earned a reputation for delivering excellent service on time and on budget.

As-Built Applications for 3D Laser Scanning

  • As-built survey, reality capture or existing conditions survey

  • Construction verification, sequencing, scheduling and simulations

  • Design engineering for facility upgrades or expansions

  • Prefabrication

  • Clash detection

  • Architectural documentation or historical preservation

  • Calculating volumes, deformation analysis, and overhead clearances

  • Virtual design and construction

  • Laser scanning for facility coordination

  • Collecting Geospatial data


  • Point Cloud Data (Raw Data)

  • 2D CAD Drawings

  • 3D Non-Intelligent Models

  • 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) Models

  • Web - Free viewer with photos overlaid on point cloud

Customizable Deliverables
  • Aerial Photogrammetry

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Deformation Analysis

  • Digital Drawings of GPR Markings

  • Floor Flatness Analysis/Contour Mapping

  • New Construction Accuracy Analysis/Comparative Analysis

  • Point Cloud Modeling Training Webinars

  • Reconciliation of Clients 2D Design Drawings

  • Reconciliation of Clients 3D Design Model

  • Structural Steel Shape Probability Analysis

  • Template Modeling

  • Volume Calculations

  • Wall Plumb Analysis


  • Autodesk Recap

  • Autodesk Revit

  • Autodesk 3DS Max

  • Autodesk Navisworks

  • Autodesk Autocad Civil 3D

  • Autocad Map 3D

  • Leica Cyclone

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