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Creating more realistic and more engaging video games is easier with the use of 3D laser scan technology.

Scanamatics can take real-world objects and spaces and create dimensionally accurate computer versions of them.

Millions of data points are collected with laser scanners providing software developers with an incredible amount of detail. The speed of laser scanning allows for locations to be captured in 3D quickly.

Scanamatics captures information about a building structure or site in a point cloud file and then uses that data to create deliverables that are useful to software developers. These deliverables can range from the raw data itself to 3D models and 3D photographs. The ability to quickly create copies of locations significantly reduces the time and cost to model and creates a very realistic model. Point cloud data can also be used for creating special effects.

Video Projection Mapping


Scanamatics laser scanning services can be used for projection mapping complex industrial landscapes, buildings, arenas, theatrical stages and more. Experienced scan technicians use state-of-the-art Leica laser scanners to capture accurate point cloud data. In-house engineers generate a 3D mesh model in an .obj file format containing basic architectural elements including walls, columns, doors, roof, openings, etc. for clients to incorporate the structure’s features into their projection mapping.



VR created with laser scanning and photogrammetry can
place users in any number of different places, situations or environments, and can be deployed to teach awareness, build skills, and provide valuable experience to those who risk their lives to help others.

HISTorical Pressurvation


Besides the physical preservation of the heritage
site, laser scanning enables the development
of small-scale 3D models or Virtual Reality
applications to teach students history, craftsmanship, traditional architecture and ancient construction techniques.

Retopology and clean up


We have to optimize our topology for using photogrammetry assets in virtual reality.

We do this using a number of 3D applications to fix artifacts and re-topo the scans down to an acceptable poly count, with the use of normal and displacement maps along with optimal UV layout we can produce highly realistic game friendly assets.

Game ENGINE Support
  • Unreal Engine Integration
  • Unity Engine Integration
  • Web Based Point-cloud Viewer Integration
  • Web Based 360 Virtual Tour
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