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HOp Louie
Chinatown, CA

8   /   04  /   2019

Hop Louie Resturant - Laser Scan AS-Build Conditions

  The restaurant opened as Golden Pagoda (the name changed in
the 80s) a couple of years after “New Chinatown” was built in 1938. The five-story, neon-lined tower was modeled on the famous
Summer Palace in Beijing and has attracted not only hungry tourists but also an innumerable movie and TV productions, which left behind autographed photos that lined the main staircase.

Much of the building hasn’t been touched since before WWII
and it needs some attention. “The focus is to bring it back to its glory days and maintain all the charm,” Kermani said. “It’s basically going to be a restoration.” He expects the project to take almost a year.

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