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3D laser scanning can be used for a variety of historical building engineering applications, from existing as-built drawings to plan for maintenance, to the historical documentation of architecture and more.

The non-intrusive nature of 3D laser scanning provides a hands-off means of cataloging fragile and important historical sites and objects. The precise data collected can provide information on support analysis, design, and prefabrication.

Scanamatics experienced scan technicians collect millions of precise data points for laser scanning architecture or site with industry-leading survey-grade Leica laser scanners. A team of in-house 3d Modelers, Texture Artists, and Game Programmers/Technicians work with each client to create custom deliverables that aid in the design, planning and execution phases of any project.


  • Rare or Precious Statues and Artifact Reconstruction for use in VR Learning Applications.

  • Sites that can not be easily accessed by visitors can now be viewed in VR.

  • Accurate measurements for in-field fabrication.

  • Reduced downtime due to fast, unobtrusive scene capture.

  • Minimal field assembly expedites data collection.

  • Non-contact leaves Architecture or Artifact untouched.

  • Safe way to measure buildings that are no longer structurally sound.

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